Film Composer looking for the next project

Hi, I'm Francesco, a Film Composer with lots of passion for Cinema and Orchestral Scoring.
I also work as music producer and guitarist.

I've already scored a feature film, an Amazon Prime TV Series, and a few TV movies and indie shorts.

I'd love to get in touch with talented filmmakers - not necessarily looking for paid gigs, but to work on professionally made content, whether it's a feature, a short, a documentary, you name it.

If you want to listen to a few of my works here's my Soundcloud:

Let's connect and help each other to build something great!


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Pranav Aditya
Music Professional

Hey, I am a Music Composer and Producer looking to work with aspiring filmmakers.
I have worked for Netflix and a few Films for Indian Production House
I am really excited and looking forward to working with interesting filmmakers. Feel free to reach out to me whenever.

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Matthew Ives Allen
Sound Designer

Hi, I'm Matt-- Composer, Music Producer and Multi-instrumentalist in NYC at the moment. Looking to connect with some filmmakers!

I've worked on ads for Expedia & Beats by Dre as well as indie shorts! Here's a link to my website --

Keen to meet folk- reach out with any inquiries!

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Hi everyone!
I'm Riccardo Di Renzo a professional Composer from Rome.
I mainly focus on the classical orchestral genre, combining it with a mixture of synthesizers and so on.
I really like to always create new themes for new soundtracks and I prefer originality and freedom in the music channeled by the director's idea.

This is my showreel on Youtube and you can find me on Google if you search my name and surname:



Thank you for your attention and availability.

Best regards, Arrivederci!

Riccardo Di Renzo.

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Inbal Dushy
Music Professional

Hi, I'm Inbal Dushy, composer and music producer, deeply passionate about the synergy between music and visual storytelling.
I have experience in short films scoring, sound design for video arts and performing arts.
I am looking for new, interesting and exciting projects, to enhance and deepen their cinematic experience.

For more information or to discuss your music needs, please contact me.

Inbal Dushy | Composer

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Dario Durbé
Music Professional

Dario Durbé is a FFM international Award winning composer, music producer, conductor and pianist who grew up in Italy and studied at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music of Rome. His music encompasses a wide range of expression, from intimate and evocative, to heroic and uplifting. Dario Durbé has amassed a wide list of credits in many different genres and types of applications of music: Writing music for theater and institutions like "Accademia Filarmonica Romana" "Teatro Argentina" of Rome "Teatro Torlonia" , "Officine SAN CARLO"

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Carlo Putignano

Hi everyone!
I'm Carlo Putignano a professional Composer from Puglia.

This is my showreel on Youtube



Thank you for your attention and availability.

Carlo Putignano.

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Landry Mathieu
Music Professional

My name is Landry Mathieu, and I am a composer for film.

My passion for music began at the age of 6 in a small music school, and since then, it has only grown. My years at the conservatory, where I studied classical singing and saxophone, have profoundly influenced my musical approach.

You can find my music on Spotify:
or on other platforms under the pseudonym Land Matthew.

I am constantly seeking new opportunities to collaborate on captivating projects in cinema or video games!

Thank you for your attention,

Landry Mathieu

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Erik Björn

Hi all,

I'm Erik, a film composer from Sweden looking to expand my network with talented filmmakers and people in the industry.

Quick info: In the last year I've scored over 20 shorts in various genres (horror, action, sci-fi & fantasy, drama, solo piano), and I'm constantly looking to expand my portfolio with talented people and interesting projects.

At my website you'll find my reel, my music and testimonials from previous filmmakers and directors.

If you got a project in need of a composer, or just looking to connect with people in the industry, don't hesitate to hit me up. I'm happy to introduce myself and my work further.

I wish you all a great start to 2024!

Best regards,

Erik Björn

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