Film Composer with experience in full feature, shorts, documentaries available Remotely

Hi, I'm an Italian film composer based in France. I'm available to collaborate remotely, I do film scoring, sound design and final mix and mastering. I have worked on Amazon Prime's TV Serie "The Moth Effect", I scored the OST for the full feature award winning "Spaghetti Story" and composed music for many TV shows, shorts, video games and TV advertising, including IKEA's world wide campaign "The Book that will change your life".

A short reel with a few of my works can be watched here:

Also a wider selection of my music works is on my Spotify:

If you need someone to take care of the music/audio of your next film, feel free to contact me through mandy or my website:


Looking forward to new collaborations!


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Troy Sica

Hello to whom it may concern,

My name is Troy Sica, I am studying Music Composition and Theory at Hofstra University in New York, USA and would love to be able to help/intern/collaborate with you on future/current projects.

Please feel free to let me know either way,

Thank you again,

Troy Sica

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Jared Anderson
Sound Editor

Hello, I'm Jared, I'm a Sound Editor/Designer, I've been working in L.A for about a year now, being a Sound Effects Editor for numerous feature films and streaming series on streaming channels such as BET+ and TUBI, and prior to that I work on numerous short films at my alma mater Full Sail University. If you would like to connect and talk about the sound of your project and how I can help improve it, feel free to message me.

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Troy Thomas

Hello, my name is Troy Thomas.

I’m a blind multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Delaware. I’m looking for work opportunities and would love to collaborate with all of you.

Please reach out, even if we don’t collaborate, I’d love to know more about your styles of composing.

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