How to get the most from your ARABIC VOICE

Working out of a personal studio located anywhere there is an Internet connection, it's possible for a Arabic Voice Over talent to work with producers in the farthest reaches of the planet. Marketing you voice-over services to the world is similar to marketing to your own region, but there are a few differences to keep in mind.

Hey, Earth . I'm here!

A good place to start your international marketing efforts is a web site. If you don't have one, put one up.. Make sure to put your demos up on the site, both as .mp3 downloads and streaming audio, if possible.

Of course, you can't just sit and wait for the world to come to you. Search the Web for production houses, talent agencies, and casting houses in countries where you think you might get some work. Contact them to see if they accept demo submissions. If you're reading this, you're probably a native speaker of English, which means starting with the English-speaking countries is a natural first step. Remember, though, that other countries still need productions voiced in English because it's the de facto language of international business and diplomacy. Be sure to market your services in these countries, as well.

Email is the least expensive means of marketing to producers. You probably should not send an .mp3 file of your demo without asking permission first. Many email servers do not accept .mp3 files or the recipient might have a policy of deleting any unsolicited attachments of any kind. If the producer won't accept an .mp3, direct them to the demos on your web site. Don't discount sending a CD demo. Putting a hard copy of your demo in someone's hands is always a good idea and worth the money spent. It's quite common for producers to go through the demo CDs they have on hand, looking for a particular voice or just to eliminate the weak demos to make room on the shelf for new demos. In doing so, they very often discover usable talent they didn't realize they even had in their library, maybe you.

Whichever way you eventually send your demo--after first making contact and getting permission--follow up to make sure the contact person received the demo and thank them for accepting and listening to it. Do not ask for feedback on the demo. Producers, talent agents, and casting agents don't have time to give everyone a free demo critique. Ask for one and you'll most surely mark yourself as inexperienced.

Time is of the essence.

If you live in the United States, then you're already familiar with accommodating four continental time zones, plus Alaska and Hawaii. Working internationally, you have to get used to dealing with people in countries that are up to 12 hours ahead or behind your time zone, depending on how you look at it. Obviously, working across time zones can prove a challenge in scheduling and delivering your Arabic Voice Over s. Be sure to bookmark a time zone calculator like this one. Use it to determine the difference in hours between you and your prospective client. Be sure to refer to that time difference on your first contact. It shows you've done a little homework to find out where they are in the world.

Money makes the world go round.

Another important consideration is making sure you get paid in your own currency, e.g. United States dollars, UK pounds, and euro. Fortunately, there are online currency converters that make this very easy. In the converter, indicate your currency and your client's currency, let's say US dollars and UK pounds respectively. Insert the US dollar amount in the box, click the button, and up pops the conversion into your client's currency. Of course, you can do it the other way around, too.

You might not get rich serving the international market for Arabic Voice Overs, but it's a lot of fun getting to meet folks from other countries and cultures, and pretty cool knowing your voice is being heard in some far off country, a place you may never visit.