The Benefits of Voice Training for Actors

As an actor you most likely are well-versed in a multitude of warm up exercises that allow you to utilise your voice, loosen up movement and generally feel ready to tackle a scene or dialogue. But how much time and resources do you truly dedicate to ensuring your vocal abilities are maximised?

While you may not be a singer, your voice is still your power and it is crucial you treat it as such. Whether it is seeking professional voice training, planning more strategic vocal exercises or taking steps to better understanding your instrument, these methods will all help in improving your acting ability.

Mastering your breath control

Up until this point you may have taken voice and movement classes, meaning you understand the importance of breath control and how it can help improve your performance. This control helps with projection, delivering long streams of dialogue, tone quality and more. Once your breath control is perfected, you will be on track to an improved relationship with your body and vocal instrument - now that you sound the part, you are also taking active steps to ensuring your voice is healthy and can be sustained.

Improving your delivery

Some of the basic traits of a solid acting performance are often overlooked. An over rehearsed delivery or an actor focussing solely on remembering lines, rather than a strong performance, are obvious signs that a professional may not have control of their craft. However, it is often smaller elements that demonstrate to an audience or casting director that an actor is not up to scratch, such as poor pronunciation, phrasing, tone, clarity and pacing. If you cannot speak clearly, then your performance will suffer. Undergoing voice training will offer methods that will drastically improve your delivery and the command of your voice.

Preparation is key

It comes as no surprise that actors may have last minute changes to their schedule, whether it be call times being brought forward or a casting director wishing to see you audition much earlier than anticipated. In these instances the last thing you want to worry about and have trip up your performance is your voice not meeting these new standards you have not prepared for. Strong ownership of your voice, practicing breath control and having command of your oral posture should be second nature when the spotlight suddenly turns to you. Make these an easy win!

Quick-fire tips

  • Have a strong warm up routine. Always do this before each audition, rehearsal and performance - these few minutes could be the key to your success.
  • Conscious breathing. Stay in control of your breathing before you are about to deliver your piece. Maintaining strong breath control beforehand will see you through your performance.
  • Practise sight reading. You may often read aloud portions of texts you have never read before, so it is important you practice this exercise regularly.
  • Drink plenty of water. Perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of a strong performance! Drink at least two litres each day to ensure good vocal health.

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