Tips for Voiceover Artists from Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong

Ingrid Janssen-Armstrong recently led a series of one-on-one sessions with several Mandy members, helping them in their careers. She has over 20 years' experience in audio production and has collaborated on projects across multiple disciplines for advertising agencies, the music industry, PR & Marketing agencies and voiceover talent agencies. Through voice casting, audio production, scriptwriting, and voice direction, Ingrid’s passion and expertise lies in bringing words and pictures to life through the art of voiceover. Her acclaimed creative voice production company HONEY is based in London and offers a wide range of services to clients. During these sessions, Mandy members were able to ask career-focused questions and get advice and feedback on their voicereel and CV, as well as learning tips for auditions, what casting directors look for and more!

Here are a few tips Ingrid gave to our members:

  • In medical voiceover projects, the content can be lengthy and complicated and it is your job to make it come alive so people can stay engaged and create strong visuals in their minds.
  • For a commercial reel, Ingrid suggested to showcase an emotive piece. Large companies and charities are now having their manifestos online and are sophisticated, emotive and powerful videos to connect with their audiences on a more personal level.
  • As a foreign voiceover artist, you can sign with multiple agents. However, Ingrid advises against signing with too many agents (stick to 2-3). This is because, from a casting director’s point of view, being represented by too many agents diminishes your exclusive value and appeal.
  • If you are a foreign voiceover artist, when choosing your demo pieces, try to steer away from your nationality's stereotypes, i.e. perfume or chocolate ads if you're French. Have fun and be imaginative.

Our members loved the opportunity to chat with Ingrid. Here are a few testimonials from them:

  • “The session was so great for me and 20 minutes was a perfect amount of time. Ingrid sounded like she listened to all 30 of my voiceover samples so my feedback was very specific and I truly felt cared about in this industry.” - Chrissie Chanel
  • "I'm really grateful to Mandy for the opportunity and the work they put into making this session happen." - Mélusine Lenoir
  • "This session was really useful, I got feedback on my voice reels, what worked and what could be added to them. Ingrid had some great insights into the industry, she was very supportive and gave some really good constructive feedback to help me move forward with my career." - André Refig

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