Why can't I save a file to my profile?

Here's a few things to check if you're having trouble uploading a file:

Is it under 200 megabytes? You can check this by right-clicking on the file, then selecting 'Properties' if you're on a PC, or 'Get Info' if you're on a Mac. A box should pop up telling you the size of the file. If it's over 200 megabytes we recommend contacting the person who originally made it and seeing if you can get it compressed to a smaller size. 

Are you trying to upload from a CD or DVD, or directly from a link (e.g. from YouTube)? Unfortunately this won't work - it needs to specifically be a computer file. You should be able to get one from the person who made it. 

I've uploaded my file but it's not playing very well.

Video files can be formatted in many ways, with the most common file-types being wmv, avi and mpg.

Each format usually requires a different programme – such as Quicktime, RealAudio or Windows Media Play. We convert all uploaded showreels into Adobe Flash, so that they are compatible with all browsers. This conversion is a standardised process and works for the majority of showreels, however from time to time the end result can be fuzzy or distorted.

For ideal results please convert your showreel to :

24 frames per second

width: 304px;

height: 224px;

If you are still encountering problems, please speak to your showreel provider.

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