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KEATS COVERS is an initiative from the project Keats The Musical (KTM) to offer space and opportunity for singers or instrumentalists (ARTIST) to send us their unique versions of our songs with the possibility of having their videos published on our social media profiles.

The ARTIST agrees to the use of all the data provided (name, photo, video etc.) in all communications/marketing of KTM.

The ARTIST guarantees that all the information provided is authentic and unique to the ARTIST.

KTM retains the option of using the video sent by the ARTIST without obligation to justify its decision.

The ARTIST recognizes and accepts their gratis contribution to KEATS COVERS and will not claim any payment for participation in this initiative at any time.

The ARTIST can perform the song in any manner of their choosing. Examples: voice and piano; voice and guitar or any other instrument; only voice (acapella); orchestrated; with the melody played by an instrument instead of sung; with percussion, special effects or by any other method the ARTIST chooses.

Note: the complete Terms and Conditions - and the songs! - are available in this link:

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