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Like A Shot Entertainment was created in 2011 specifically to address the growing funding gap in domestic TV commissioning. As the market leans towards a co-production, or fully producer funded model, the financial pressure on smaller independent Producers and Directors is increasing with no sign of abating.

Like A Shot Entertainment not only creates its own programs, it also works with talented individuals to fund, devise, develop, produce TV programmes under the Like A Shot umbrella and secure the best third party international distribution and secondary rights exploitation revenue streams.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Kai Muroi
2021, The Real Black Panthers of WW2, Sgt Ruben Rivers
2020, The Shroud of Turin (Forbidden History series), Leonardo Da Vinci
2020, Shipwreck Secrets, Gorch Fock
Lightship 93
Daniel Newman
2020, Mysteries Of The Abandoned / Abandoned Engineering - Discovery's Science Channel, Sky Go, Yesterday Channel, UKTV Play, Researcher, Developer, Location Scout, China Fixer
Joshua Bosley
Camera Operator
2020, Abandoned Engineering, Camera Operator
2019, The Private Lives of the Monarch (Yesterday channel), Princess Margaret
2019, Shipwrecks, Admiral Beatty
Lightship 93, Docklands London
2019, Shipwrecked Secrets, Malcolm
River Thames
Mike Simmonds
Voice Over: English
2019, Shipwreck Secrets: SS Cotopaxi, Carpenter
2019, Shipwreck Secrets: SS Cotopaxi, Carpenter
On location (London)
Mike Simmonds
Voice Over: English
2019, Shipwreck Secrets: Battle of Jutland, Commander Franz von Hipper
2019, Shipwreck Secrets: Battle of Jutland, Commander Franz von Hipper
On location (London)
Neil Duffield
Floor Assistant
2019, Shipwreck Secrets, Engineer
Joe Street
2019, Shipwreck Secrets, William J Myers
Joey Bones
Actor, Entertainer
2019, Private Lives, Peter the Great
2019, Private Lives, Karl Wilhelm Krause
2019, Private Lives, Anna Mons
Yesterday Channel
Christophe Philipps
Actor, Entertainer
2019, Henry VIII: The Men Who Made Him, Henry VII
River Norris
2019, Henry VIII and The Men Who Made Him, Prince Arthur
2019, Henry VIII and the Men Who Made Him, Arthur
Kentwell Hall

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