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Raw Television is a production company specializing in great stories told with style. We've built a reputation for gripping narratives, visual innovation and journalistic vigour.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

2021, Into the Storm, Assistant Editor
Parker Stroop
Camera Operator
2021, Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mines, Assistant Camera
2021, Episode 105 " The Sandman" - Sports Uncovered (Working Title), Harlow Arlie
Lisa Jones
2021, Catching Killers, Tyria Moore
Scottow Enterprise Park , Norwich
Alex Tai
Production Assistant
2021, Catching Killers, Production Assistant
2021, Catching Killers, Dennis Rader (Serial Killer)
October Studios, Scottow Enterprise Park, Norfolk
2021, Catching killers, Blindfold man
Paul McQuaid
2021, Banged Up Abroad, Eric Hale
David Straus
2021, American Dynasties: The Kennedys, Frank Sinatra (uncredited)
Susanna Wolff
Voice Over: English
2020, The Windsors, Princess Margaret
Ashton Spear
2020, Locked Up Abroad, Paul Derry
Damali Lawrence
2020, Lockdown, Research Assistant
Brandon Barnes
2020, Gold Rush: White Water - Series 4, Producer/Director
David Ellis
2020, Gold Rush Series 11 SPX2, Editor
David Ellis
2020, Gold Rush Series 10 EP21, Editor
2020, Gold Rush Dave Turin's Lost Mines, Associate Producer
Nicholas Clapham
Sound Recordist
2020, Gold Rush, Sound Recordist
Rick Hagen
Location Manager
2020, Gold Rush, Location Manager
2020, Dream Horse, Trainer
Newbury Race Course
2020, Banged Up Abroad, The rat druggy

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Alternative Company Names

raw tv, Raw TV for C4, RAW TV for Channel 4, Raw TV, Channel 4