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Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Duane Strauss
2022, Queensland Weekender / Creek to Coast, Presenter Producer
2022, Home and Away, Extra
Georgia Rendell
Standby Props
2020, Home And Away, Art Department Standby
Lisa Morel
Production Assistant
2020, Back to the Rafters, Production Assistant
Charlie Page
2019, Sunday Night, Digital Manager & Head of Audience Development
Madeleine Miller
Production Co-ordinator
2019, My Kitchen Rules, Production Coordinator
Adam Kovarik
2019, Home and Away, Con
2019, Be On TV, Production assistant
Jhf Yil
Camera Operator
2018, Sunrise/The Morning Show/6pm News, Camera operator/ Jib Operator
Georgia Rendell
Standby Props
2018, Home And Away, Art Department Standby Assistant
Penelope Berkemeier
Production Co-ordinator
2018, Home & Away, 3rd Assistant Director
Ben Tessler
Camera Operator
2018, Border Security, DOP / Camera Op
Penelope Berkemeier
Production Co-ordinator
2018, A Place To Call Home, Additional AD
Joshua Retamal
2017, The Morning Show, Producer
Ethan Borle
Camera Operator
2017, Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition and Seven News, Camera Operator
Tan Nguyen
2017, Seven Network, Dectective Filkins
Ali Pavlinovich
Make-up Artist
2017, Seven network, Hair and make up artist
James Roberts
Writer / Director
2017, SA Weekender, producer
Matt Rose
Camera Operator (HD)
2017, News current affairs / Melbourne Weekender, Specialists Senoir Cameraman
2017, Neighbours, Girlfriend

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