The Appointment

2018, 18 minutes

Soul Dualism

THE APPOINTMENT tells the story of Henry, a novelist and enfant terrible of letters, lacking in both grace and humility. As the film begins, Henry finds a mysterious entry in his diary: “12 o’clock, La Fou Folie Restaurant”. But the name is indecipherable. In pursuit of this simple mystery, Henry charges through a series of encounters in environments progressively more bizarre and dreamlike.

Connected mandy members:

Mr Boris
Lee Comley
Waiter (Featured)
Emily Dyson
Art Director (Assistant)
Art Director
Jodie Woodall
Script Supervisor
Script Supervisor
Beryl's Friend
Siobhan O'Malley
Art Dept Assistant
Art Dept Assistant
Ysabel Kaye
Art Director (Assistant)
Assistant Set Decorator
Aron Penczu
Production Assistant
Production Secretary
Hjalager Hjalager
Art Dept Assistant
Production coordinator
Daniel Batt
Sound Editor
Foley Editor
Olana Dyulgerova
Studio Assistant
Online Editor Assistant