Why Must The Show Go On?

    • 2010 23 minutes

      A strugging fringe theatre company prepare to stage their retelling of Macbeth (in space)

      Focusing on the struggle of Unbelievable Productions' visionary leader, Madeleine LaRoy (Sally McLean - THE ELEPHANT PRINCESS, LOWDOWN) to stage a revolutionary reboot of Shakespeare's Macbeth (in space), with the help of her faithful best friend/choreographer/costume & set designer/tea lady/everything else, Deirdre Snowflake Fleckman (Perri Cummings - NEIGHBOURS, BLUE HEELERS), drama school graduate Scott Johnson (Nathan Strauss - RACV'S "JASON") and alcoholic veteran of the stage Desmond Darke (Paul Dawber - BASTARD BOYS, SATISFACTION, NEIGHBOURS, SONS & DAUGHTERS), "Why Must The Show Go On?" is a gritty, no-holds-barred with tongue-firmly-in-cheek look at life in front of the footlights ... in all its painful glory.

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      Companies involved in this production

      • Cinema Viscera/Incognita Enterprises

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