You and Your Stupid Mate

  • 2005 85 minutes

    Two stupid mates.

    Phillip (Phillips) and Geoffrey (Sampson) are two Aussie larrikins, whose lives centre around running the un-official "Sons and Surf" website, watering their garden of 1 plant at the same time each day when the beautiful Karen (Hunter) passes by with her legion of children, eating various forms of canned food on toast while watching their favourite TV show, "Sons and Surf", and moving a few bins at the carvan park in which they live. But their perfect live suddenly takes a turn for the worst, when they discover that "Sons and Surf" is going to be cancelled. Whats worst is when they discover that their favourite character, the beautiful Emma (West) is going to be killed in the last episode. And the worst part is that with the help of a crazed job allocator (McInness) they have to work for the dole. In a hilarious journey, Phillip and Geoffrey try to save Sons and Surf, Emma and Work for the Dole, as well as perform in the Scouts/Guides gang show.

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    • Mondayitis Productions

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