9 Tips from Casting Director Peter Hunt

Casting Director Peter Hunt visited The Mandy Network to host our latest Mandy CV surgery, where he gave one-to-one career advice to a selection of actors who applied to attend the event. Peter Hunt is the Casting Director for Hollyoaks and oversees the casting needs for all Lime Pictures' Drama and Children’s output. This is what he had to say:

9 Tips from Casting Director Peter Hunt:

  • Find out who casts the jobs you want and get in touch.
  • Be clever when approaching Casting Directors, they receive 1000’s of emails and submissions everyday so it’s important to do your research and present yourself as originally and creatively as possible.
  • Consider writing to Casting Directors Assistants.
  • Send small self tapes that show off your casting and cater to the kind of roles a show casts i.e. a doctors scene.
  • Dialogue scenes rather than monologues are a priority in a showreel.
  • Rotate your headshots every six months with a new look to keep marketing yourself in a different light.
  • Show your personality in a casting.
  • Explore different ways to play the scene when preparing for an audition.
  • Keep an eye out for up and coming agents rather than always focusing on the more well known ones.

About Peter Hunt

Over the years Peter has worked on many popular and well-known productions such as ‘Where the Heart is’, ‘Coronation Street’, ‘Shameless’, ‘Blue Murder’ & ‘Cold Blood’ to name but a few. His career has led him to cast for an array of productions in the UK and international markets, ranging from Music Videos to TV Commercials, TV Comedy, TV Drama, Feature films and Theatre.

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“Thank you Mandy. This type of opportunity is exactly what is needed within the industry to encourage actors that they are on the right track!...Thank you Peter! It was fabulous to meet you!” - Charlotte East

"The session was great and very informative. I've been wanting to touch base with him for a while so thanks Mandy Network for giving me the opportunity to meet with him. I really appreciate it" - Craig Anthony-Kelly

“Really helpful and validating!...I enjoyed workshopping the scenes with him and the opportunity to tweak and play with characterisation...what a lovely guy!” - Jayson Baird

“Fantastic session! A really useful look at how Casting Directors operate and the things they look for in an actor.” - Andrew Hollingworth

“Very useful!...feeling very optimistic about my future” - Vanessa Vanderpuye

“Really useful. He answered all my questions...Great advice given that I can now move forward with.” - Amy Wright

“I’m really grateful that Mandy and Peter do this for actors...thank you so much for the opportunity!” - Melissa Dalton

“Very informative, relaxed and useful.’ - Nicole Holly