Facebook Live: How to get your Indie Film Seen

Whether you are in the initial stages of planning a film project or are gearing up to the release of your finished product, the ways in which a production can achieve success and be seen are hugely diverse. Many filmmakers wrestle with elements of pre and post production that can mean their film never gets off the ground. The Mandy community is filled with talented members, and many have their sights set on constructing a new film, TV or commercial project.

It is because of this that we hosted a Mandy Panel Session on Facebook Live with two award-winning filmmakers! On 10th August 2020 we were joined by the minds behind Saint Frances, the feature film that has won the hearts of audiences and critics across the world, picking up two awards at SXSW Film Festival 2019 and many more internationally! They shared their tips and guidance on how to get an indie film seen, from funding to production, succeeding on the festival circuit and more. You can check out our session below!

Addressing the difficulties faced by budding filmmakers, Alex and Kelly shared their experiences and ways in which you can utilise your community and experiences to help bring your project to life.

Mandy’s Business Development Executive, Danny Farber, posed questions to our panel, with many being submitted from the Mandy community. Professionals were curious about how they can best hire production crew for their project, as well as funding that is available for filmmakers and much more.

When hiring for your project, go with your gut, not just with the people you think you should be partnering with. Don't look for the cool person with the cool equipment. Remember the folks who stick with you through your good and bad projects.

If you try to reverse-engineer your project for a particular production company it will come off as inauthentic. Authenticity rings true and the industry values that.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who tuned in to our Facebook Live and those who submitted questions! A huge thanks is also in order to Alex and Kelly. They offered incredible insight into how you can get an indie film seen, how funding can be acquired and ways in which you can utilise your community.

An experienced actor, producer and self-confessed cinephile, Kelly has starred in notable films and TV projects, including Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party and USA Network’s Sirens. Drawing on her own personal experiences, she has made her screenwriting debut with Saint Frances and also stared as the lead. Hailed as one of 2020’s best indie films, Kelly is a rising star in the industry.

    Alex is a reputable director, producer and writer and his work has won awards internationally, many being for Saint Frances. This film marks his debut as a feature director, following many shorts, including Calumet and Irene & Marie, both streaming on Amazon Prime. A rising talent in the industry, Alex is cementing himself as one of the greats.