Facebook Live: How to set up a voiceover studio at home

The voiceover industry is constantly evolving and the pandemic has accelerated its growth exponentially. With a growing number of professionals looking to take on voiceover work, the rise in jobs for voiceover artists is making the industry incredibly lucrative.

Did you know many employers now hire voiceover artists to record from home? To encourage this demand and ensure you are in the best possible position to get hired, we teamed up with Nick Clinch, renowned industry expert and founder of voice reel and coaching studio, Notable Voices, for an insightful Facebook Live on how you can perfect your home studio and take on more remote jobs. You can check out our full conversation below or watch it on our Facebook page.

Mandy Business Development Executive in the UK, Petra Mandova, posed questions to Nick, with many being submitted by the Mandy community. Check out just some of Nick’s guidance, top tips and industry insights below.

“The current climate has brought our industry forward five years, forcing us to go remote. This remote way of working will continue to grow and it is here to stay. A lot of clients are now wanting voiceover artists to go remote.”

“If you’re looking to achieve broadcast quality recordings, invest in great acoustic treatment and it’s really about knowing your room. This can mean whether you need protection, base traps or more. Speak with people who design acoustic treatment and ask them to do a test on your room. Go with people who are reputable, not just the easy option.”

“When it comes to noisy neighbours, family members and outside sounds, there's not much you can do unless you have a good quality booth. In this climate where many of us are based at home, it can be tricky to find these quiet moments to record, and a lot of voiceover artists record late at night in the quietest part of their home.”

“When it comes to Macs vs a PC, I always suggest a Mac - PCs have much louder fans.”

“People forget the voice is a muscle and they don't effectively warm up. Research warm up exercises online and watch your diet - coffee and dairy can make your voice tacky. Honey and ginger and lemon tea are good for the mouth.”

“The biggest change in the voiceover industry is diversity and inclusion. Part of this is because voiceover is now more accessible and affordable, allowing more people to do it. We’re celebrating diverse voices now. You don't have to have that golden BBC voice to be successful. That is  the truly wonderful thing about the industry right now now - it celebrates everyone.”

“The biggest thing at the moment is real people talking about real things. You need to have something to say and a way to say it. If you can portray real emotions on the mic, that is all we need. That's what people connect with now. Especially during Covid - we’re looking for that personal connection.”

“10 years ago the idea of recording voiceover at home was bonkers, now everyone can do it. These advancements in technology are very exciting.”

“When it comes to branding, you are a business and it’s important you promote yourself.  Being business-smart and knowing how to brand yourself can lead to incredible jobs. You often will be working with companies directly, so it’s important you can reach them on their level.”

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who tuned in to our Facebook Live! A huge thanks is also in order to Nick. He offered an incredible insight into how you can set up your home recording studio and take on more remote jobs.

Notable Voices

Nick Clinch is the founder of Notable Voices, London's highest-rated voice reel and voiceover studio. After working in audio for 15 years - first as a touring session musician, then as a qualified audio production lecturer - Nick was then introduced to directing voiceovers and has not looked back since. Today, you’ll find Notable Voices in swanky studios in West London, working with some of London’s best voiceover agencies, household names, drama graduates and total acting novices to create long-standing and fulfilling careers in the voiceover industry.