Facebook Live: Media in a Post Pandemic World

The landscape of the media industry has evolved immensely in the last decade. From the rise of streaming services to new avenues opening for emerging filmmakers and creative professionals, not to mention the effects ensued by the pandemic, we are connected to an industry that is defying all notions of normality.

We continue to provide beneficial opportunities for the Mandy community, ensuring they remain involved with our industry and are in the best possible position to get hired. It is because of this that we hosted an incredible Facebook Live session with a titan in the industry, Larry Namer, who is the Co-Founder of E! Entertainment and currently heads Metan Global Entertainment Group! We delved into the pandemic’s effect on the industry, how projects are developed and the ways in which networks attempt to meet audiences’ insatiable appetite for content in the streaming landscape. You can check out our session below or watch it on Facebook here!

Mandy’s Business Development on the USA’s East Coast, Jess Kane, posed insightful questions to Larry, many of which were submitted by the Mandy community. Larry offered a great deal of insight into the ways in which the media industry may adapt post pandemic, how to sell projects to TV and streaming platforms and much more.

"There used to be a hierarchy in the industry: film, then TV and then internet or digital content. That’s all changed now and I believe it's changed forever. I think people have come to realise that content on streaming platforms are of incredibly high quality. Looking at projects on Netflix and Amazon, TV has never been better."

"The interest in being innovative is more prevalent now than ever. Now you can come up with innovative ideas and have a place to land them. As audiences change, professionals who previously focussed on doing more traditional media have migrated to streaming platforms."

"I'm doing a lot of the casting for an upcoming movie on TikTok. Instead of auditioning ten people a day in person, I am now auditioning 100. I’m actively looking for new, fresh talent and using these digital platforms to find it. That’s where I go."

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who tuned in to our Facebook Live! A huge thanks is also in order to our panel. They offered incredible insight into how you can develop methods that support your mental health and that of your loved ones, as well as the support that is available to you.

Larry Jess

An entertainment industry veteran with almost 50 years experience in cable television, live events and new media, Larry Namer is a founding partner and President/CEO of Metan Global Entertainment Group (MGEG), as well as the co-founder of E! Entertainment Television - now valued at over four billion USD. Among his numerous contributions, he served as a primary consultant for developing Microsoft's Interactive TV. Mr. Namer is recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on new technology and how it is fundamentally altering the business of international media and entertainment.

With years of experience in the film industry, primarily working as a producer, Jess Kane heads up Mandy’s business development operations in the East Coast of the USA. She understands first hand the challenges of bringing a production to life, and partners closely with reputable employers to ensure they are hiring the top creative talent on Mandy for their projects.