How to choose the best monologue for your audition

Whether you are an established actor with heaps of credits under your belt or are an emerging face in the industry, any performer will understand the importance of selecting the best monologue for an audition. This is an introduction into how a casting director or employer will experience your true ability, and choosing the right piece that showcases your talent is incredibly important.

With seemingly more source material now than ever before, the task of choosing the best monologue for your audition can seem daunting. From podcasts to blogs and online communities to interviews with top professionals, there are plenty of resources out there, so let’s help you nail your next audition.

Your audition is unique

All auditions are unique and it is vital you treat them as such. A piece that may have resonated beautifully with one audition may completely miss the mark with the next, so do your research on what is expected of you. If you are vying for roles where a character may be deep in the midst of sorrow and demonstrating much heartache, performing your strongest comedic routine may not be the wisest choice. With that being said, you want to demonstrate your range. Consider reaching out to your agent, community or the casting director and querying what type of performance they are searching for at this stage. There is no cookie cutter policy when casting talent.

Don’t show everything

If you are experienced in dialect and are considered a performer with strong movement ability, great! But does your audition call for these skills? If not, avoid incorporating them into your audition (whether that be in your chosen piece or performance style). While it may be tempting to demonstrate your full ability into 90 seconds, you will come across as inexperienced and unable to judge what performance style is necessary.

Demonstrate your range

While you should not incorporate skills or performance styles that are not relevant to the audition, you can still demonstrate your range in the piece you choose to perform. Opt for a piece that has a clear arc and is not one-note. A monologue that has a couple of transitions can demonstrate your ability to perform key emotions and deal with a character experiencing different waves of emotion. While subtle, these decisions can help elevate your performance and showcase your depth of ability.

What resonates with you?

Finding a piece that resonates with you will truly have a beneficial impact on your performance. Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community, have personal experiences growing up in a certain area or are involved in social issues or causes, drawing from these pockets of your true self and finding a monologue (or writer) that perfectly encapsulates this will allow you to form a deeper connection with the text, impacting your performance to no end.

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