How to Get a Job as a Runner

Advice on how to get your first Film/TV Runner job

The inevitable first step for many in the film and TV industry is working as a Runner. While it is probably the most unglamorous job in the industry, it is also a great way to learn the ropes, make contacts and move up in the industry. So here are a few tips for making that first important move into film and TV and applying for production runner jobs.

Put together a list of companies you want to work for

Before you start applying for runner positions and sending your CV out have a think about what part of the industry you would like to move into and then research the companies in the sector. Mandy Crew has a list of production companies that our members have worked for. The Knowledge online (or book version) also has a comprehensive list of production companies with contact details as does 4RFV.

Email, Call, Visit

Once you've armed yourself with a list of companies and your CV, you can either email your CV and then follow up with a phone-call, or visit the company in person and leave your CV at reception. Try to find out who the best person to talk to would be and then call a couple of days later to speak to them. Production companies will receive hundreds of unsolicited CVs so you will have to be politely persistent. If you haven't heard from a company after 6 months you can always re-send your CV.

Work Experience

Work experience placements at larger production houses can often lead to longer stints as a Runner if not permanent contracts. Check the Working Title, Vertigo Films, Channel 4, BBC, ITV and Tiger Aspect websites for details of the work experience programmes.

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