How to sing in a West End musical and tour the world!

BREAKING NEWS! Mandy Singers Surgery attendees secure smash hit west end musical and international tour with Philip Foster Company!

This surgery was an exciting for Mandy Singers members. It was a truly inspirational day! The talented singers chosen had the opportunity to work with renowned West End vocal coach and Agent, Philip Foster from The Philip Foster Company.

Foster has coached many musical theatre artists in the West End and in Europe who have appeared in hit shows including: The Lion King, Chicago, Mary Poppins, Oklahoma!, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Les Misérables, The Phantom Of The Opera, Miss Saigon, Wicked, A Chorus Line, Mama Mia and We Will Rock You.

Here are some of Philip Foster's tips which resonated with our singers

  1. A performance must cost: Every time you work in the studio or on stage there has to be an emotional cost. One needs to invest beyond the lyric and the music.
  2. Find the truth: Let the song reveal itself. The Artist must reveal the truth of the piece which exists within themselves.
  3. Unique Vocal Blueprint: Each Artist possesses a vocal instrument which is unique to them and them alone. Nurture it, master it and embrace it!

Feedback from our very talented members:

‘An amazing experience! He was so passionate. I felt we really connected. He worked for me as if he was working for himself. It was such a gift!’ Angie Alma

‘Philip completely broke down a song I’d worked on and made it completely different and much more truthful. He made me look at it in a completely different way and it’s something I can apply to all my other songs. A very valuable experience. I wish he could teach me all the time!’ Laurie Elcoate May

‘Amazing! It was so helpful. I was absolutely thrilled with the help that Philip gave me and I’m so excited to start applying some of the tips he gave me to the rest of my work. Thank you so much for such an eye opening experience.’ Emmy Willow

‘Very informative and quite intense! Philip is an excellent vocal coach and acting coach. I was amazed at how much I learnt in such a short time.’ Holly Gibson

‘Fantastic! I learnt more in our short session than I’d learnt from 18 months of vocal training.’ Mattias Penman

‘Philip is so enthusiastic and approachable and really knows the market and current trends. He made me feel so welcome and valued.’ Abbey Addams

‘Philip is an absolutely fantastic coach. I learnt such a lot in such a short space of time. I feel more confident about attacking a song’ Gershom Brown

Scarlett Strallen (Olivier Award-Nominated Leading Lady) - Philip’s ability to celebrate your gift and his desire to help you to achieve your full potential is a deeply moving and profound experience. He has helped me with my confidence. He truly makes you feel like you are capable of anything.

Roni Page (Grandma Josephine – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory) - Philip’s belief in my talent has re-started my career, when I thought maybe I should have “hung up my clogs”! I would highly recommend Philip to anyone in musical theatre. His understanding of the medium is second to none. Not only is he a great musician, but he has an exceptionally good artistic eye and ear! This is rare in this business and gives you a great advantage.

Gary Amers (Actor & Life Coach) - He is undoubtedly the most gifted teacher I have ever met. His passion for music, the voice, and theatre shines through in every class elevating his students to becoming great. He has a gift of empathy, and compassion; it enables him to reach into his clients voices, understanding with heart, what needs to be done. Philip Foster gives you the privilege of being in a space where you are understood, respected, valued and elevated.

Jason Gardiner (TV Judge / Personality) - Philip is such a passionate and dynamic vocal coach. His enthusiasm is infectious and his teaching methods unique. His innate understanding of the voice and ways in which to make it bloom are unparalleled. If you are serious about making an emotional connection with your voice, then Philip Foster is your man.