Self Tape - Getting Started for Actors

When you apply for a Self Tape job you'll still be able to access all of the information provided by the employer including the production details, characters and scripts.

Further down you'll see this little grey box where you can record your audition.

Allow access to your computer camera and microphone. To do this just select the ‘Allow' box and then select ‘Close' to remove the settings box from view.

You'll see yourself in view on screen now. When you're ready, select the ‘Record' button to video your audition.

When you're done click ‘Stop' and ‘Save'.

You can watch your saved videos back; or to record another video select ‘Record' and remember to ‘Save'.

Once you're happy with your audition simply submit your chosen video to the employer. Alternatively upload a pre-recorded video to apply for the casting.

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