Tips for Voiceover Artists from the Renowned Ashabi Ajikawo

Multicultural and groundbreaking agent and owner of agency GLOBAL7, Ashabi Ajikawo, recently hosted a series of one-on-one Coaching Sessions with several Mandy members! These sessions proved extremely valuable for emerging and established voiceover artists to get advice on how they can find an agent, get feedback on their CV and more.


Ashabi Ajikawo is an actor and founder of GLOBAL7, a vibrant dynamic agency representing talented versatile Actors for Film, Television, Theatre, Commercials, Voice-Overs, Radio, Stills Photography and Corporate Engagements. GLOBAL7 represents professionally trained and experienced actors from all quarters of the world and social backgrounds, and also provides opportunities for the development of aspiring voice actors with the drive, confidence and energy to succeed.

Here are a few tips Ashabi gave to our members:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of marketing yourself and building your brand - this ensures you are visible to employers and can book more jobs. Some ways you can do this are: having a website, being active on social media and following other voiceover artists and communities on each channel.
  • If you are offered agency representation, make sure it’s right for you and your future goals and you seek legal advice before signing.
  • Don’t apologise for what you want in life. If you want a solid voiceover career that won't just pay the rent but offer you the freedom to create your own path, then pursue it. But don’t underestimate doing necessary research - truly understand the industry and community you're hoping to become a part of.
  • Understand the importance of being visible through all forms of social networks: being engaged on these platforms will ensure you do not miss out on any opportunities.
  • Make sure your brand stands out from the crowd. Demonstrate your unique talents and capitalise on them, be it languages or a skill.
  • Understand the importance of finding your own voice, something that will be your personal trademark.
  • Set aside time every day to move forward, even if it is half an hour and all you do is research other voiceover artists and familiarise yourself with the network of people working in the field.
  • Get to know and love your voice so that you are clear about what you can offer and how to market your voice accurately.
  • Experiment with recording and practice.
  • Set up a webpage, social media channels and get yourself out there.

Our members loved the opportunity to chat with Ashabi and here are a few testimonials from them:

  • “I found the session really helpful and Ashabi offered a great amount of insight! Please do keep running these sessions!” - Ololade Fasunan
  • “My session with Ashabi was very good, encouraging and informative. She not only gave me concrete steps to follow and move forward with my voiceover journey, but also instilled a new mentality for how I should be imagining myself as I grow and interact with the industry. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity and if Mandy hosts any other initiatives, I will be sure to put my name in!” - Kayla Pitts
  • “My one-on-one surgery with Ashabi was fantastic. I felt she quickly identified where I was in my voiceover career and was able to advise on what the immediate next steps were and the professional priorities I should be aiming for. But more than anything, she was able to identify the ways I hold myself back as an individual and gave me that little push needed to approach the industry as a whole with confidence and courage that I'm still feeling a week later. I booked my first paid voiceover job of 2021 a day after our session. Coincidence? I think not! I don't know what rays of positive cosmic energy Ashabi was projecting over Zoom, but they certainly did the trick! Thanks Ashabi! Wishing you all the best and every success!” - Jayson Baird
  • “After isolating for so long, it was a joy to speak to Ashabi. She was very knowledgeable and friendly.” - Ken Wong
  • “My session with Ashabi was great. She was very open and so approachable; she sincerely had the best intentions at heart to help me in my voiceover career and shared tips and valuable information. Ashabi also explained the ins and outs of how to approach getting representation and she motivated me to go ahead and reach out. I am so grateful for her time and wonderful self, as well as Mandy for creating these collaboration spaces, there is no way I would have been able to meet Ashabi if it wasn't for Mandy.” - Amy Selma
  • "The session with Ashabi was very helpful and Ashabi was a ball of energy. I wanted to learn how to approach the VO industry and what is essential to get a good start. I came away from our online conversation much more focused and with some solid goals in mind." - Daniel
  • "My session was really valuable, I felt instantly comfortable with Ashabi and was able to be very open and confident in asking my questions as a result. Ashabi was great at giving practical advise on how to launch a career as a voice over artist." - Isobel Dunhell

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