Charlotte Ivens


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2014Breakdown artist
The woman in black 2Angelfish films ltd
2013 - 2014Breakdown artist &dyer
Television / TV
AtlantisLittle monster films ltd
2014Breakdown artist & dyer
Television / TV
The knifemanKnifeman tpc I ltd
2014Chief breakdown artist
RezortSafari films ltd
2012Trainee breakdown artist & dyer
Television / TV
Da Vinci's DemonsTonto films and television
  • Education

    2013Costume construction for stage and screenUniversity of Glamorgan

    Additional Skills

    Breakdown, dyeing & textiles.

    I also have a flare for tailoring and am keen to learn more.

    Period costume making training

    Additional Information

    I am looking for costume work in Australia. I am here for at least a year, if not two. I am flexible and a very hard worker. I already have a good base of skills in the industry and knowledge of how the industry works.


    Rose flood- **contact removed**

    Annie Symons- **contact removed**

    About me

    I have been training in the costume industry for the past three years. I have a great creative passion and this industry suits my character, skill and drive for success very well.

    I have specialised in costume breakdown and dyeing since graduating and have worked on a number of productions in film and television in the UK.

    I am very keen to learn and am looking to broaden my experience and skill in any way I can.

  • Skills

    Years in industry
    • 1 to 3 years
    Work Permits
    • Australia
    Languages Spoken
    • English