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Home And Away (also known as H&A) is an Australian soap that focuses on the various families who live and work in the fictional beach town of Summer Bay. The show has run uninterrupted since 1988.

The soap has not shied away from dealing with adult and controversial topics, such as teen pregnancy, drug overdoes and rape. It is in part due to this willingness by show creators to tackle real world issues that has allowed the TV show to remain current and relevant.

The show has been exported around the world including to Neighbouring island New Zealand and further a field to the likes of the UK and Ireland. The show is award winning and holds the record for most awarded program at the Logie Awards.

In the UK the soap historically aired on ITV until it moved to Channel 5 (& now Paramount Network) in 2001. The show remains popular around the world, however live viewership has dipped natively in Australia, with viewers opting for catch up instead.

The show competes with the extremely popular Neighbours which is first aired in 1985. Due to Home And Away's success it spawned a short lived spin off in the form of Headland.

Home And Away gave a lot of household names their start, including:
- Isla Fisher
- Heath Ledger
- Guy Pearce
- Naomi Watts
- The Hemsworth Brothers (Chris & Liam)

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Production Company: Seven Network

Year of Publication: 1987

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