The bands origins can be traced to Cardiff, where in 2007 keyboard player Gareth David Noon and bassist Gareth Vanstone were introduced to guitarist Chris Gould and a songwriting partnership was formed. For a period of around twelve months, the band forged ahead recording demos with American vocalist Greg Flores (formerly of the Indiana-based AOR band Kamera) before parting ways due to distance related issues. The trio's attempts to find a suitable replacement vocalist based in the UK proved troublesome until the band were put into contact with Birmingham based singer Tony Mills, whose reputation with other melodic rock acts such as Shy and TNT made him an obvious choice for the band. With a vast catalogue of demos already recorded during the band's stint with Flores, the four set about creating a new collection of songs in the beginning of 2009 for what would become their 2010 debut album "A Touch Of Heaven". Around this time, two additional members were recruited - guitarist John Clews and drummer Charlie Skeggs - to round out the line-up for the recordings, made at M2 Studios and produced by Sheena Sear and Mark Stuart, a well known British producer having worked with Hard Rock act Magnum as well as rock icons such as Robert Plant and Phil Lynott. Serpentine subsequently inked deals with German based label AOR Heaven and the Japanese label Marquee/Avalon and the album was released in March of 2010 to much critical acclaim, especially in Japan where the band hit number 72 on the HMV chart as well as scoring a 92% review in the rock magazine Burrn!. Prior to the album's release, the band confirmed that they had parted ways with young drummer Charlie Skeggs who was replaced in December 2010 for the video for "Whatever Heartache", shot at the Victoria Baths in Manchester, by Birmingham-based drummer Roy Millward.
As of September 2010, the band are working on recordings to follow up the 2010 debut "A Touch Of Heaven", with a new full-album release expected in the first half of 2011.

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