We're a band from Barcelona (Spain), though we live in London, & we've been together for 3 years now.
We've grown an interest for rock since we ever heard Guns N' Roses on a local radio. Sadly, this must be normal for you, but it's hard to find people with a real interest for music back in Barcelona.
Luckily, my bandmates and me have been rockin' since very young and have built up a life to live up to, which is to Rock.

-- http://everest-rock.bandcamp.com

This is the link to listen to our songs, which we recorded back in our basement in Barcelona and at some studio facilities we were allowed to book.
It was recorded and mixed in a rush and without taking it too seriously, but you can make an idea about how the band sounds.

The thing is we've been playing gigs all through the life span of the band, made more of twenty five original songs, but we haven't yet found a manager to book our venues in the usual way.
But we rock our souls out. The band is our life.

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