Soul Saints

Soulsaints- LDS (Latter-Day Saints) -Gospel with Soul.

Soul Saints was started in the spring of 1999 by three LDS Church members in London. Harriet Bushman was recording a demo tape of some secular pop songs and hired Fiona Smith to do vocals after hearing her sing in Church.

During the early part of 1999, Alex Boyé joined Fiona and Harriet one evening in May to talk about how their music could serve the Church.

Fiona sat at the piano and hit upon a jazz sound for the hymn "Count your many blessings" which became the signature song for the band. That evening they began to improvise on one or two church hymns and from thence Soul Saints was born.

Within a couple of weeks, they had started recording the songs and gave performances at Hyde Park, London before going on to tour in Utah, America.

Upon leaving the band Fiona performed a cameo as a lounge singer in the feature film "The Singles Ward." The song she sang was "Teach Me To Walk In The Light" (see movie clip on this website).

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