Morrissey & Marshall

MORRISSEY & MARSHALL – And so it Began (IRL)

Darren Morrissey and Greg Marshall are the unlikely lads that everyone likes.
An Irish duo of no fixed haircut, whose gloriously uplifting harmony folk-pop
songs have swept aside all obstacles in their path, they have been compared to
such giants of the genre as Simon & Garfunkel and the Everly Brothers. But this
wasn’t quite what they planned when they started out.

The pair come originally from Dublin, where they achieved local success as part
of a five-man, rock & roll band called Deshonos.
“I was the lead singer and frontman, doing the wild, Jim Morrison thing,” says
Morrissey, the one who looks like Jesus.
“I was the lead guitarist with the pedalboard, wanting to be like John Squire,”
says Marshall, the lean, clean-cut man of the two.
They moved to London three years ago on a wing and a prayer, but lost the
rest of the band somewhere along the way. “They were going to come, but…”
Morrissey shrugs. “Life got in the way.”

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