Childhood are an English rock band formed in 2010 in Nottingham by South Londoners Ben Romans-Hopcraft and Leo Dobsen whilst studying at University of Nottingham.[2]

The duo first gained attention after uploading a couple of demos online.[3] After recruiting bassist Daniel Salamons and drummer Daniel Ajegbo, the band gigged around Nottingham before signing to House Anxiety/Marathon Artists and released their debut single "Blue Velvet" in October 2012. Following the departure of Daniel Ajegbo and re-basing themselves in South London, the band recruited Jonny Williams and released second single "Solemn Skies" on 10 June 2013.[4][5] The single was produced by Rory Attwell, formerly of Test Icicles.[6]

The band released their debut album "Lacuna" on 11 August 2014. Produced by Dan Carey, the album was preceded by the single "Falls Away" in June.

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