Sanidhya is not merely a band but a musical journey, a confluence of like minded and passionate artists who started in a small way with a few members which has now grown in to a eight member band with a definitive and instantly recognizable sound. Band's Name - SaNiDhya

As members of the band recall:

“ki yon toh–
Hum akele hi chale the janib-e-manzil magar
Log sath aate gaye aur karwaan badhta gaya”

The band came into existence around six years ago when a bunch of talented individual musicians started jamming together and along the way got a golden opportunity to showcase their talent at IIT Delhi’s music festival in the year 2004.It was the first time that the audience, comprising essentially of youngsters was exposed to a new genre of music, a heady mix of Maithili folk enshrouded in classical notes rendered with a hint of Pop and Rock undertones.
The band received instant laurels and critical acclaim for its originality and freshness. Spurred on by this success the band experimented with folk lyrics of different states with classical grammar and even went on to create a new composition for the national song “Vande Mataram” which still receives a standing ovation each time it is performed by the band.

The obsession for creating and retaining a new sound using their diverse musical backgrounds has made the band practice innumerable hours to churn out their unique compositions. Sanidhya has had the opportunity to play at some very prestigious platforms.

One of the bands original members Pravesh is responsible for most of the compositions as well as leads the vocal most of the time. Aniruddh with his western classical background and versatility slips effortlessly into various roles including that of a vocalist, violinist, and guitarist. Mohd Fahim adds drama into the singing with his countertenor voice and powerful lyrics.Waseem on the lead guitar brings with him experience and charisma. Jude on the bass guitar lends support and form to the compositions and lastly, the duo of Nishant and Ramesh form the core of the band with their expertise in percussion.

Then bands primary aim is to spread the message of peace and harmony through its music. Music is the common thread that sews the band together.

Mandy members in band:

Pravesh Mallick
Pravesh Mallick