Black Orange

Black Orange were born in 2005 and have been dying ever since!! Dying to show the world that songs can have heart and kick some ass. Constantly challenging and questioning why the silver bladed jang of pigeon toed custard gwammers, skwonches in abundance it’s one legged future cream up our swirly sound traps. Help us evolution! The idiots are winning! Always writing and suckling on the teat of fuzzy foot tappers, making you look like a cool fool for not being a tool. Black Orange are here now and will be staying here until long after the universe has stopped expanding or decides to perform a reverse gromp. The songs are here. They are here. Grow some teeth in your ears and bite into their bite. For now they’ll stand in their own puddles. Drink more, for one day they will swim in an ocean of pee.

Black Orange – Katzenjammer. The album out in January. They’ve moved in, they’re staying, and they won’t prematurely peak all over your tits!!!!

Watch this space!!

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