Them & Us

THEM&US is the musical project of vocalist/songwriter/producer Ami Carmine, and multivocalist/beatboxer/Songwriter & Producer Lee aka Killa Kela.
The duo have been calving away in the shadows, forging new sounds alongside producers James Rushent (Prodigy/DIOYY?/Biffy Clyro) Greg wellS (Katy Perry/One Republic) & Eliot James (Block Party/Kate Nash) which they're now ready to unleash into the world.

Opening for US singer Kelis for her London performance at Proud Camden, and Scroobius Pips 'We Are Lizards" event, Them&Us are gaining traction in both UK and US radio. With debut airplays from Eddy Temple Morris (XFM-London) and Kat Corbett (KROQ Los Angeles) Kat championing their song 'Happy never After' as her record of the day.
The band have featured in photographer Rankin's HungerTV, along with an exclusive inverview.
Them&Us will take you on the highest journey of musical landscapes, monster drops & vocal hydraulics, blended gracefully with enchanting visuals & theatrics.

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