Subajah is an artist whose musicality is rich, inspiring and unique in its genre. As a singer, rapper, songwriter and composer, Subajah draws on a diverse spectrum of musical styles, from reggae and rap to acoustic. Having grown up in the tide of African culture, his music has been influenced by the oral tradition, melodies and rhythms of Africa and the Caribbean.

Subajah arrived on the music scene in France, as a rapper aged just 13, and has worked alongside famous French rappers, including his mentor the late Fredy K from ATK.

In 2007, fuelled by his passion for music, Subajah moved to London, where he co-founded the reggae collective Subajah Family, one of London’s leading reggae collective. Subajah and his band has since performed alongside artists such as Aswad, Dawn Penn, Tippa Irie, YT, Culture, Natty or Dre island.

With his unique voice, Subajah has built a soulful, spiritual and poetical sound around original melodies and compositions. Subajah uplifts his audience with positive vibrations and carries them to a place of deep emotion.

We can find Subajah on many releases such as “All Nations Love” (on the same 7inch as Luciano’s track ‘Tell me why on the All Nations Riddim) as well as the two track singles, “Runaway” and “Suba Meditation.” In 2015, Subajah released the single “Hold you”, a warm love ballad blended with jazz and soul produced by First Eye and demonstrated once more his versatility. The same year, he has featured on the Soul High Riddim with his track ”Selassie for sure” and on the “ West Sun Riddim” with “Open the gates” two tracks pleading against injustice and iniquity.

In May 2014, Subajah released his EP “Voice of Freedom” produced by TamalRiddim. Bringing deep roots meditation on some hypnotic instrumentals, Subajah combined emotion, depth, lyrical content in a unique and profound sound .

Subajah is a member of collective and label Vibes and Pressure founded by Natty. This collective gathers some of London’s finest artists of many genres and host the popular monthly event of the same name. As a artist of the collective, Subajah regularly performs there in full band or acoustic formation and is present on the first Volume Compilation “Vibes and Pressure’.

Collaborating with Tamal, First Eye and the rest of his London band and a few Paris based musicians, Subajah concocted his debut album “Architect” a vibrant project reflecting his journey. Architect is to be released soon. The first single “Walls of Babylon”, a fiery call, for freedom, is out since June 2016.

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