Abettor was formed towards the end of the summer of 2013 with aspirations of pushing the rock music envelope not only in Cyprus, but also abroad. The band was originally composed of guitarist and vocalist, Andreas Matheou, lead vocalist, Manolis Manoli, bass guitarist, Pavlos Papadopoulos, guitarist, Euripides Karaolis and drummer Stefanos Meletiou. The band went through a reconfiguration in late 2014 with drummer Julien Neiklot replacing Stefanos Meletiou.
Abettor are devoted to writing original compositions, spanning from churning rock riffs and melodic hooks to more elaborate rhythmic patterns and ambient sounds. Abettor share the vision of combining older, traditional rock sounds with more progressive and modern elements, fusing heavy music with other non-stereotypical music genres such as Progressive, Grunge, Stoner and Trip Hop . The band extended its reach by performing live, sharing the stage with bands such as Universe 217, Planet of Zeus VIllagers of Ioannina City and Freak Kitchen as well as featuring in festivals around the island, such as Power Of The Night, Into The Limbo and one of the most popular music events in Cyprus, Fengaros.
Abettor are driven to further promote their original music with a lot more live performances with their fresh, new lineup. The intention is to implement heavier, thumping sounds and more electronic elements to diversify their voice.

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