JR Josephs

Born, raised and straight out of London, J’R’ Josephs stems from Wapping. Raised by a strong mother who drummed family morales, integrity and self-belief into J’R’ from a very early age. With an intake of knowledge from the Queen Bee and through various life experiences J’R’ grew to become eager and passionate to bring about a change to the society he was brought up in.

J’R’ started spitting at the age of just 11 when he’s brother (Greg from The Moonwalkers) and cousin (Roc_Ce) formed a production movement along with Jacey Charles called Three Kings. Built as their future protege J’R’ would learn he’s graft with their mentorship and guidance.

Catching onto the Grime wave as soon as it was constructed by Godfather and King of Grime “Wiley”. Then known going by Mouthy, J’R’ was apart of a wave that was taking East London by storm with the collective Wreckless Soldiers. Wreckless were creating heavy movements in East by being a force in local youth clubs and radio (both FM dial and online).

Shortly after starting college, J’R’ took a route through Hip Hop, feeling that the vibe would spread he’s message in a better way than Grime could. Kicking off the journey with debut project ‘A Dinner Date With Liz Hurley: The Reservation’ in 2012 J’R’ has stayed consistent with releases, with 5 projects being released within the first year. With tracks such as King Bless Us All, Back Again, Who Is He?, Nice Yourself and New Wave from the Get Carter series, J’R’ built a stable and dedicated following.

Since ’94 was J’R’s first EP, which followed up from the Get Carter series on 23rd July 2013. The date marked the 19th anniversary of ‘Prince’ Leroy Josephs’ death. Rewriting history with a positive was something J’R’ wanted to do from a very young age. Rather than reflect back solely on the negatives, Since ’94 shows how such experiences doesn’t have to define the path or journey taken by a young boy affected by such events but how he can grow to be a King.

Since ’94, featured bass moving tunes Family Business and The Games Over. The EP had an additional special feature from Is Tropicals’ Simon Milner on soulful vibe track Sorry.

After the release of the EP, J’R’ was responsible for start up KingDon Come and Sirlute The King. Turning he’s own brand into the a label to help advise and guide artist in recording and management.

Sirlute The King then became a concept focused on shinning the light on great individuals and movements. A platform to create exposure for creative people who could share their journey with complete on still working towards and inspire others to do the same.

In 2015 things got a lot better for J’R’ when Russell Brand tweeted the track Mr Mayor from the joint project P.A.R.A.L.L.E.L M.I.N.D.S with Refound*. The whole project was played in over a thousand cities world wide and got raving reviews. Other stand out tracks from the project were Real Sh*t, Beat Talk and I Swear

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