Alya Elouissi


Alya Elouissi, Slovenian actress and singer-songwriter based in London, is already creating a buzz with her debut single The One, an inspiring and touching piano pop ballad that has been lyrically and musically written and coproduced by Alya herself. Since the official release it has been played on numerous radio stations and gained excellent reviews in some of the top music blogs and magazines.

Taking inspirations from her experience on personal growth, self esteem and life, Alya's aim is to deliver her message of love and life to everyone.
Compelling lyrics, narrative and delightful melodies are displayed in her creative performances.

Connected mandy members:

Scarlett Archer
Scarlett Archer
Child Actor
Track: Alya Elouissi
Role: Lead Young child
Zak Fenning
Zak Fenning
Track: The One
Role: Cinematographer