Zory Burner

Composer, singer/songwriter, actress Zory Burner studied music theory and played the piano professionally for 10 years, including a solo or duo classical concert every year, then she concentrated solely on singing and writing music and lyrics. Further education: BA in English Philology; MA in British Studies, with a thesis in the field of Film Studies (University of VT, Bulgaria). With sufficient training and experience in many aspects of music, Zory moved to London, UK to pursue her dreams. After having worked with several recording studios and put 3 singles on the online market, as well as leading several UK unsigned charts for weeks, she is now releasing her debut album through her own self-titled label, while steadily progressing in the film industry, both as an actress and a film composer. Zory has created the soundtrack to several short films already and she’s currently scoring a stage musical. Her music is a hybrid of genres and it mixes melodic rock with folk and world fusion styles.

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