Mike Marlin

Mike Marlin was born in suburban London in the sixties. He dropped out of University when he discovered music and London. It was a good time: The Police, The Jam, The Clash, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Undertones, Dr Feelgood, The Stranglers, Souixsie and the Banshees, Elvis Costello, The Cure. Armed with his guitar and a 4 track cassette machine, Mike wrote songs and made tapes in his bedroom. He played in bands that never made it. In 1982 he went into an alcoholic depression and gave up on music as a career.

Mike was rescued by technology. He became obsessed with computers when most people thought they were magic. He wrote code in the day and songs at night. The code worked and people bought it. But the music remained unheard. Until 2009, when a chance meeting with a record producer led Mike made his first album "Nearly Man", which was released in February 2011. He was selected as part of HMV Next Big Thing and toured extensively, supporting The Stranglers on their 2011 UK tour.

Knowing that he had a lot of catching up to do and could not wait another 25 years, Mike came off the road and straight into the studio. His second album "Man On The Ground" was released in February 2012.

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