The Arkhamists

The Arkhamists are a three piece grunge-rock band from the Birmingham/Liverpool/Stafford/Nottingham areas. They write raw, simple songs about the pain of the human condition, finding serenity in the tiny corners of the world that go un-noticed, and airline check-in employees. Their guitar is dirty and wild, their bass is melodic and filling, their vocals boil down to expressive wailing and their d...rums drive and thrash.

We enjoy the following; Noise on our tracks, Unwarrented Quantities of guitar feedback, Hobo Wine, The Band-Cave, Beer in our fans, Not wearing Clothes, Conga-lines at our gigs, Not having enough strings on our guitars, Fist Fights at rehearsals, Drawing on things, Having a great time on Stage, Putting on the best shows we can, Butterflies, Long Walks on the beach, Poetry and the works of A.A Milne.

Connected mandy members:

Ben Chapman
Ben Chapman
Camera Operator
Track: Sour
Role: Director/Producer

Alternative Band Names