Marcella And The Forget Me Nots

It's like this. Marcella Puppini could be basking in the glow of retro glamour and silver-screen loveliness. She could be fluttering around the globe with the Puppini Sisters, charming audiences with songs from their new album, Hollywood. Her life could be so serene. But would she be happy?

Hell, no. The Puppini Sisters are Marcella's bit of fun. Now meet her real band, the epic art-indie-rock outfit of misfits and drama queens with whom Marcella can tear open her soul. Marcella and the Forget Me Nots may be glamorous, but they're not lovely or charming. They are a scream in the dark, a pulse of desire, the glint of a knife. And they are Marcella's pride and joy.

Connected mandy members:

Alex Medeville
Alex Medeville
Camera Assistant
Track: Born Beautiful
Role: Camera Assistant / DIT
Cliff Chapman
Track: Born Beautiful
Role: Young Man

Alternative Band Names

Marcella & The Forget Me Nots