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Backflop (previously Backlash producitons) is a revitalization of the real spirit of the comedy sketch. This series style is greatly inspired by the Monty Python's Flying Circus with the addition of what new technologies, less budget, and an international view of the world offer.

Every sketch was filmed with the limitations of times and cost. Backflop are great followers of the micro budget. Time is limited due to the fact that their components have "normal" jobs and lives that they need to attend to. Budget is constraint because they don't have any customers yet and they do it for themselves and for everyone.

Each sketch has different intentions, introducing a slightly a new style, from full improvisation to a complete planned set of moves and images.

Backflop is Reinhardt Chamonal and Juan Martinez. A French and Spanish alliance that was thought impossible since the battles with Napoleonic troops in 1814. Still, against all odds, these two (crazy) men with little experience on filming decided to do it by themselves. And so far they have managed.

They deal with writing, producing, directing, filming, editing, acting, F/X, and whatever comes their way. Their desire to do more and better overcomes any obstacles.

The Backflop series wouldn't exist without the great collaboration of the experienced camera man, director, actor, editor, and musician Hans Ris a Dutch man from K238studios.

They also got help from their family and friends, as well as fellow actors Mark Heene from Germany, and Teresa Merilainen from Findland. A fully international crew!

Every week they work on new material and ideas, find the right time to shoot and there they go, boldly go where only crazy men have gone before!

Connected mandy members:

2009, Time Flies, Antonio
2009, The Video Conference, Andy
2009, The Move, Tony
2009, Lekker Dutch Man, Lekker Dutch Man
2009, Killer on the loose, Jorge Lopez
2009, El Loco, Johnny

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