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Flame TV is one of the UK’s leading independent television production companies, specialising in devising popular formats and factual programming in challenging subject areas. The company was formed in 1999 by Roger Bolton and Barbara Altounyan and has established an enviable reputation for producing innovative and compelling television. We have since produced hundreds of hours of original programming for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, FIVE, UKTV, Living and Discovery. The company continues to grow and recently employed another creative Executive Producer, Matthew Gordon, to oversee the fast expanding daytime department.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

2015, Town and Country Murder, James Cameron
Laraine Dix
2015, The Nightmare Neighbour next door, Channel 5 (Series 3 episode 1), Re enactment TV actress
4a Exmoor Street, London. W10 6BD
2015, Saints and Scroungers for BBC, Rachel Moss (Detective Constable)
Marcus Starr
2015, Saints and Scroungers, Reconstruction participant.
Shannon Martin
Production Assistant
2015, Nightmare Neighbours Next Door, Researcher
Amy Floyd
2015, A Town and Country Murders, Yolande Waddington
2015, A Town and Country Murder Series 3 Ep 6, Neighbour (featured role)various Sky TV
2015, A Town and Country Murder, Alex
Guy Slocombe
2015, A Town and Country Murder, Christopher Edwards
Paul Culshaw
2015, A Town And Country Murder, Policeman
2015, A Town & Country Murder - Season 3, episode 6, Terrence Clifton
2015, A Town & Country Murder, Carol Croydon
Ian Recordon
2014, Saints and Scroungers BBC1, Nigel Hadley
Ian Recordon
2014, Saints and Scroungers BBC1, Jacob Venter
Darren Rose
2014, Saints And Scroungers, Pete Childs s6 ep1
Ladbroke Grove W10
Darren Rose
2014, Saints And Scroungers, Stephen Oakley
Ladbroke Grove W10
2014, Heir Hunters, editor
2014, BBC Saints & Scroungers, Reconstruction - Ms Tolner
2013, Town And Country Murder (Series 2, Ep 2), Delivery women
Aaran Simpson
Production Assistant
2013, Television, Runner

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Alternative Company Names

Flame Productions, Flame Television Production Ltd, Flame TV, Flame TV, Flame TV for C4, Flame TV for CH4, Flame TV for Channel 4, Flame TV for Channel 5, Flame TV Productions