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LEFT BANK Pictures is an independent television and film production company founded in July 2007 by Andy Harries, Marigo Kehoe and Francis Hopkinson.

Left Bank Pictures are working with the UK’s leading writing, directing and on-screen talent to produce bold, innovative feature films, television dramas and cutting edge comedy. We also pride ourselves on nurturing and championing exciting new talent set to create the hits of tomorrow.

Known TV Show involvement

Connected mandy members:

Tim Scragg
2020, The Crown (Season 4), Royal Jeweller
2020, The Crown (S3), Clubber
Ed Hartland
2020, The Crown "Series 4, Episode 5: Fagan", Benefits Officer
2020, The Crown, Press Secretary
Simon Kirk
2020, The Crown, Patrick Clacy, co pilot
David Kerr
2020, The Crown, Show Jumping Judge
2020, The Crown, Butler at Althorp
Simon Brasse
Editor (Avid)
2020, The Crown, Editor
Alan Gill
2020, The Crown, Lewis Douglas (Winkie) US Ambassador to the UK
2020, The Crown, Christine Fagan
Denise Mack
2020, The Crown, Unemployment officer
Meg Gunn
Costume Designer
2020, The Crown, Costume Daily
Bruno Burton
2020, Strike Back, Researcher
Natalie Segal
AD (1st)
2020, Sitting in Limbo, 1st Assistant Director
Ian Warwicker
Props Master
Actor, Talent
2020, QUIZ, D.C. Amir Cave
Corrie Stuart
2020, Outlander, Film greensman
Mark Barrett
2020, Outlander, Regulator Black Beard
Alfie Abel
AD (1st)
2020, Netflix - The Crown, Camera Traniee
Alfie Abel
AD (1st)
2020, Netflix - The Crown, Floor Runner

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Alternative Company Names

BBC Films/Left Bank Pictures and Screen Yorkshire, LBP The Crown Series 2 Limited, Left Bank, Left Bank, Left Bank Pictures (Netflix), Left Bank Pictures (The Crown) Ltd, Left Bank Pictures for ITV, Left Bank Pictures Ltd, Left Bank Pictures/ ITV, Left Bank Productions, Left Banks Picture Ltd, Left Banks Pictures, Lleft Bank Pictures