#2022Wrap Up

Hi there,

I’m Edgar Allan Dela Cruz and this is my Self-reflection for 2022.

A Short story about me: I moved to Toronto with my relatives in 2018 to start my acting career without a backup plan. My parents were not supportive of this endeavour. I had an agent, but I wasn’t a good fit with them. After 5 weeks my relatives kicked me out and I was homeless for a while. I only had $45 in my bank account left when I printed a resume and get a full-time job. I promised myself that I would never be in the same vulnerable spot ever again. Last year, I lost my job and I was pushed back into a financial corner. I picked up the phone, called my new agent, and told her to “submit me to everything. I want to stay in Toronto and I want to take acting seriously”. I started to drop my preconceptions about acting, pursued all of the auditions my agent sent to me, took classes that benefitted me, and found out what works for me and what does not. 1 year later, here we are at the end of my 3rd Semester in Acting School and looking to next year’s Final Semester.

I was always in a constant battle to survive. There were times that I’m still thinking if I did the right choice and putting myself in the most uncomfortable zone out there. I’ve changed. All I could think of is how to move forward and concentrate on my craft.

My Numbers Reflect:

5 National Commercials where 2 out of them have currently aired!
2 TV Show Roles
2 Regional Commercials are yet to air!
1 New Media
3 Industrial Videos where my footage and clips will be used for Training New Employees.
1 Music Video where I was able to Sing, Dance and Act.
Over 800+ Hours of Training in Acting School, Zoom Classes, Intro to Meisner, and Coaching gave me tools to play with and bring the Edgar Solution to Casting.

Growth and Development Highlights:

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