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Akeel Anderson
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Hello everyone. my name is Akeel Anderson. I'm an aspiring Actor/ writer. I'm looking to collaborate with fellow artists as I'm starting a youtube channel filled with different aspects of media and entertainment. my goal is to start doing little skits that create a buzz and hopefully, one day produce a short web mini-series and a feature film eventually. I'm here to meet fellow artists and artists who want to build something great out of the city of Toronto and the country of Canada. whos ready to create greatness?

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I’m interested ready to create greatness what a awesome idea

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Hello everyone, I'm 57 yrs old and starting out with small roles that inspired me to go further with my acting and become a part of the film industry. I'm a quick learner and take direction well. I'd be interested in commercials or any other position available that would help me further my experience and career in the film industry. I have been a lady shot in the neck in a series and I have been a ambulance attendant in a independent film. I work as a delivery driver at the moment and get along with everyone! I'm a go getter and willing to try anything once! Can't wait to work with other actors and directors! If this is something you are looking for, give me a call or email me!!!

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