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I'm an actor of Indian origin and have very recently moved to Canada. I have spent most of my time in Toronto. My understanding, based on all I had read on the internet, was that Toronto is the better place to be to pursue a career in acting.

I am currently in Vancouver on a short trip and have fallen in love with the city & would love to settle here. I seek advice on - How is Vancouver as a base for an actor as compared to Toronto? Are there equal opportunities?

How much difference does your city/ province of residence make? Is it difficult to get cast in an Ontario production if you're based out of BC?

Answers to these questions will provide me with a clearer picture of the industry and help me make a decision.

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Hi Sumeet,
I'm only based in Toronto and I know that getting cast in BC based productions is difficult if you aren't local. I imagine it's the same the other way too.
Both Toronto and Vancouver are great places to be based as a Canadian actor. From what I hear the opportunities are fairly equal.
All the best!

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Hello Summet,
I have lived in both cities . We all live different experiences and mine is the one of an immigrant Actor with an accent ( so I have a different take than someone born in Canada ). I would definitely recommend Toronto over Vancouver as it is larger and more diverse. Toronto has really made the difference for me when it comes to Acting. There are way more projects here that are Canadian besides Foreign ones . However; If you fell in love with Vancouver, you will also have opportunities there to audition for large projects. Liking the place where you live is important.

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Wherever you are, make your own damn movie!

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I’m from Toronto and moved out west I would definitely say Vancouver for sure! And there’s a lot of famous people from Vancouver too n

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I am a experience actor looking for work base in Vancouver willing to travel to Toronto if anyone can send me some potential leads would be highly appreciated bye.

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