What?? No Results For Anything?? Alberta

Kristen Pellack
Set Dresser

Hi There,
My name is Kristen, I just became a Permiitee with IATSE 212.. I was told about this site yesterday.

I am a Passionate and Experienced Senior Buyer with over 25 years experience and possesses a multifaceted skill set in researching, sourcing, and purchasing products in Home d├ęcor and Women's & Men's Apparel.

When I go to jobs what do I put in first box search & job type I've tried all kinds of variations and it always states no results...am I doing something wrong? or there really is nothing?

Also can you not post your resume?

Editorial Comment Hello,

Thanks for raising these issues. In terms of your resume, please post this in "The Studio" section.

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Jason Seelmann
AD (1st)

Few productions bother posting here. They go straight to the unions and that's it. I wouldn't bother looking here. In fact, I have been trying to delete my profile and cannot seem to figure out how.

  • 11 months ago
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