10 steps towards creating a successful crowdsourced campaign

A crowdsourcing campaign is created through contributions gathered from a large group of people. Crowdsourced content is becoming increasingly popular in the advertising and film industries. It is a great opportunity for creatives to expand their portfolio, work with huge brands, and take control of the projects they work on. Follow these steps on how to create winning content for crowdsource campaigns and get ready to watch the money roll in!

  1. Join a crowdsourcing website or community where you can browse current campaigns and chat with other creatives just like yourself. Do you research so you can pick a campaign that is right for you.
  2. Set realistic goals. If you really want to submit content to a campaign that closes in 10 days, don’t try to be overly ambitious. Skip the over-the-top production and focus on an idea that you can seamlessly execute by the deadline.
  3. Choose a campaign with a subject that interests you. When coming up with an idea for your submission, make sure you understand what the requirements call for. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to clarify. If your idea is a bit out of the box or topic, be sure to contact the campaign host to find out just how flexible the client is. While the campaign host might find you annoying, they are not the one’s choosing the winners, the client is!
  4. Meet new creatives to collaborate on your project. Working with people who share the same passion as you is always more fun, and if you have fun creating your content it will translate through to the final product. Why not try posting an ad on mandy.com to find people interested in working with you? Is there a particular skill set that will add dimension to your project?
  5. Create something that is clever and relatable. Everyone loves something that rings true to their own experiences, but be thoughtful that you are bringing a fresh and unexpected twist to your content.
  6. Create a shooting schedule to keep everyone on track. A late or unfinished entry is no entry at all, and clients won’t accept the excuse that your camera man overslept.
  7. Make sure that you have all of your licenses and agreement forms in line before submitting. All of your actors and voiceovers require talent releases, and you must have proof of permission to use someone else’s music (unless it’s original, in which case you still need to turn in an original music form). Use extra caution to make sure there are no trademark or copyright infringements in your video. Look out for logos that have a knack for sneaking their way into the frame. Most importantly, make sure to turn in all of your forms with your submission! The client might never see your video if your forms aren’t in order.
  8. Focus on the small details. Good lighting, natural flow to the script, and thoughtful camera angles make even low budget productions look high quality. That being said, be careful not to over embellish, and remember to always edit wisely.
  9. Be sure to participate in as many contests as you can. Practice makes perfect and the experience you gain will give you a leading creative edge over other participants.
  10. Continue your education in the industry! The creatives behind the winning entries we see are constantly looking for new ways to maintain a competitive edge. Read articles about the best new equipment, participate in film festivals, and stay up to date on happenings in the industry.

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