How to contact directors

There are several ways to contact directors and casting directors. In the UK make sure you buy a copy of Contacts, issued by Spotlight which is the industry's handbook of information and which lists directors and casting directors
including telephone numbers and websites. In the US use Backstage and research the directors of previous and upcoming feature films - this information is publicly available. Type into Google 'Who was the director for ( say Titanic) and the answer is immediately revealed. Then contact Spotlight or Equity for contact information for this director or again Google contact information for - and the directors name. When contacting them include a headshot and attach a C.V. Do as much research as possible and contact directors who are working on projects where you may have relevant skills. For example for the Great Gatsby actors that had expert level in the Foxtrot, and dances of that era where called for. Show the director what you can do and list unusual skills.

You can get in touch with the production agency that is listed in the rolling credits of the movies that a particular director worked with in the past. Alot of them have their own. You also can get in touch with a well known agent and have them seek the director out for you.

This London website has an A to Z list of directors and you can also use this weblink for a database of directors and biographical information If you are involved in a theatre production, invite directors to your performance, send a copy of the script. Research industry websites to find out where there are industry conferences so you can meet directors. Attend international film festivals, such as Cannes, and Sundance and if you can afford try to part finance or invest in a forthcoming movie.