How to find a good accountant for an actor

There are a lot of accountants out there who know all the ins and outs of the business. Not just their business but our business as performers too. All of them are very good, so the big question is - who do you go for? Some are actors with a sideline job so they know your side of things, some are just accountants or some are ex-performers.
My first years accounts I did myself and wanted to kill myself and battling with, what seemed like a weeks worth of the online applications, so I refused to do it again and asked all my friends and colleagues who they have used and they said 'Theataccounts'. They have been unbelievably helpful not just with once a year accounts but throughout the year questions, such as when I applied for my mortgage (successfully, thanks to them), and when I needed to reduce my on account payments. They are and have always been very helpful and on time whenever I have needed them.
But like I said at the start of this there are loads of accountants who know everything just as much as the next accountant and will be just as helpful. I'd just say go by recommendations from people you know and recommendations you hear of. A big thing is to make sure you can afford them, see how much they charge before agreeing to anything some charge very little and are great, some charge a lot and do just as much as the latter. Do your research and ask them as much as you need to feel comfortable to go with them. I’ve used 'Theataccounts' now for 3 years (for this tax year ending) and have been very happy with their constant help and charges. If that’s not a good recommendation they I don't know what is!